Working Edge Ltd. is a small, efficient company offering robust technical solutions and consultancy for a broad spectrum of internet-related projects. Directors and principle developers John and Dave Alden offer a wealth of experience in a wide range of areas relating to the modern dynamic Worldwide Web.

Services offered include:

  • Business consultancy
    • Requirements analysis
    • Project definition and phasing
  • Technical consultancy
    • Technical solutions architecting
    • Information architecture including content modelling
    • Component/API design
    • Web software and infrastructure optimisation
    • Technical documentation and training for developers
  • Website builds
    • Graphic design
    • Technical project management
    • Relational modelling in MySQL, Postgres or Oracle and XML content modelling
    • Server-side programming in Perl, PHP, C or C++
    • Dynamic content generation in e.g. PHP, XSLT or Template Toolkit
    • Client-side programming in Javascript
    • Semantically valid, maintainable web pages in HTML/CSS
    • Cross-browser compatible, smartphone and tablet-friendly web pages
    • Mobile and Tablet applications with HTML5
    • Mapping and geolocation web/mobile applications