This page contains a short summary of our recent projects. You can use the drop-down list below to select projects involving a particular technology or type of work.

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Cloud-based voting architecture (Mar 2014)

Cloud-based voting architecture Technical design of a system to support all the BBC's voting activity across internet-connected platforms. Challenges included ensuring an auditably-reliable result given the eventually-consistent nature of many of the AWS components, and designing to be cost-effective both for short-lived high traffic profiles and very long-lived low traffic instances.

Voting system for Strictly Come Dancing Technical design and leadership of a programme of optimisation and robustness improvements to be able to reliably deliver realtime voting on prime-time TV. At a technical level this included optimisation of algorithms and SQL queries and tuning of tomcat, MySQL and ActiveMQ. At a management level this included specifying tasks for java developers and a systems engineer, prioritising and scheduling the work, and explaining risks and any tradeoffs to senior managers so informed governance decisions could be taken.

Android app for Mobo Awards 2013 Developed an Android app to write NFC tags on wristbands and manage access control with a backend system via webservices. Partnered with HTC for the event, who provided the hardware. Using a jQuery Mobile-based UI, the app scans QR codes and reads/writes RFID tags via NFC, communicating with a remote SAP web service via SOAP.

Optimised Online Voting Architecture (Jun 2013)

Optimised Online Voting Architecture Technical leadership of a programme of work delivering an increase application performance by more than an order of magnitude purely though software optimisation. The system was then used to deliver realtime web voting on BBC1 for Comic Relief. Work included overseeing performance testing, devising more efficient algorithms, identifying parallelisation opportunities, identifying database optimisations, specifying developer implementation tasks, exploring infrastructure tuning opportunities, establiishing minimum specs for dedicated hardware, risk analysis and mitigation strategies, improving maintainability both of the codebase and documentation.

iWalk Android apps Design and implementation of over 70 Android applications that deliver a guided walk experience by using the device's GPS and compass to lead a user around a predefined walking route and deliver content based on their location along the route. The work included improving and developing some new Phonegap plugins to interface with the native Android system, which have been released Open Source.

Web application scalability reviews (Mar 2013)

Web application scalability reviews Review and load testing of a Java Spring + MySQL and a mod_perl + MySQL web application to identify performance bottlenecks and scalability issues with the architecture, together with recommendations for tuning and improving scalability.

Website migrations from legacy software (Feb 2013)

Website migrations from legacy software A number of high profile websites (including a key teaching resource used across the UK) depending on end-of-life software and hardware infrastructure were spidered and reconstructed without the dependencies on the legacy systems. These were then swapped out in the live environment so users could continue to use the content whilst the legacy infrastructure could be decommissioned.

XML structured document authoring (Feb 2013)

XML structured document authoring An investigation into technologies for authoring complex structured documents. Included research and prototyping of XForms technologies including Orbeon Forms, Xopus and XTiger as potential CMS front-end solutions, documenting results and conclusions in a detailed report.

Database and Web Application usage audit (Dec 2012)

Database and Web Application usage audit Through an investigation of logs and referring content, identification of databases and applications which were no longer required and could be decommissioned. For application still in use, detailed analysis of referring content to identify the steps necessary to sever the application dependency from the content.

B2B test environment (Dec 2012)

B2B test environment Build of a test server environment for testing B2B webservices. Debian/Apache/SSL/PHP stack to act as a mock for SAP integrating with payment gateways.